An experimental and testing facility HELCZA (High Energy Load Czech Assembly)

is designed for cyclic heat loading of highly thermally stressed components. The HELCZA is primarily intended for full-size testing of the ITER first wall modules, inner vertical targets and radiofrequency antenna screens with surface area higher than 2 m² and density of the surface heat flux up to 40MW/m² on unlimited load cycles. Depending on the tested surface area, heat flux can reach 40 GW/m². The heat loading is ensured by an 800 kW electron beam gun emitting electrons at 55 kV acceleration voltage. The HELCZA facility is currently used for validation tests of ITER first wall prototypes.

Richard Jílek

Head of laboratory

+420 601 315 137

Pavel Burkovský

Sales Manager

+420 725 668 786

Centrum výzkumu Řež s.r.o., Morseova 1267/10, Plzeň, Czech Republic